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Our Story

Almost every day you can read a story about Amazon, Apple, Google and Hilton Hotels. These are great companies but, we are so tired of reading about AAGH.

What about the 28 million independent businesses in America? Where’s their story? These independent companies generate about half of America’s GNP and employ about half our population.

But, their impact on our neighborhoods, schools, families and friends has a far greater impact.

These are the hard-working entrepreneurs whose pioneering spirit built this country based on their quest to achieve the “American Dream.” These are the people TCBC chooses to support because we believe their collective impact on America’s growth and prosperity, though rarely acknowledged in the press, is far greater than any new gadget that comes out of Silicon Valley.

Our business’ success will be dependent on making their businesses more successful. Our job is to find, create, evaluate and implement products, services and programs that reduce their costs, increase their profits, generate new customers and make their old customers more loyal customers.

Come join us. Membership is FREE. Let us help you build a more successful business so your story will make our story a bigger, more inspiring story adding additional proof that when members help members, the whole Community benefits.

Our Goal

TCBC’s goal is to create the largest network of collaborative businesses in each local community we serve.

When a business has a large, supporting network, it is positioned to grow faster, be more profitable and help promote the Community to benefit other businesses and all its fellow members.

Our Philosophy

Collaborative businesses grow stronger when they know they can depend on each other to receive the support they need and are willing to contribute to the Community to help other members receive the support they need.

Contribute what you can – Take what you need – Leverage the collective abilities of the Community to do it faster, with less aggravation and at a lower cost. In other words… have more fun and make more money in the process.

One Small Change...One Big Result

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