Board of Directors Performance Solutions

Some of the most successful nonprofits owe a great deal of their success to having the right Board of Directors.

Boards are usually composed of seasoned executives who can help guide the organization and are willing to contact their resources to increase membership and prospective donors. But, sometimes dealing with Board Members can be difficult and when that happens, your success will be impeded.

If your board is not functioning properly, the key problem may be one of not understanding your organization’s purpose or what is expected of board members to support the organization. When this happens, chaos ensues.

The three most prevalent problems with boards are dysfunctional group dynamics emanating from personal rivalries, domination by power seekers, poor communication and bad chemistry between members and your organization. This creates a toxic environment that impedes discussion and decision making.

Second, many board members are not fully engaged. They don’t know what’s going on in your organization and they lack the desire or motivation to find out.

Third, and probably most important (and perhaps most damaging) is they lack clear responsibilities and are therefore uncertain of their responsibilities.

If your nonprofit is suffering from these deficiencies, you should take these five simple steps immediately:

  • Be clear in setting your organization’s mission and overall strategy
  • Monitor your management team and hold each person accountable for their performance
  • Evaluate the performance of the Executive Director. The right person should be fully supported… the wrong person should be replaced
  • Install a review procedure that monitors your organization’s resources and
  • Have a key executive act as a bridge between the organization and its environment. This person should be a strong advocate for your organization dedicated to building greater support in the Community.

Whether you’re a new nonprofit or an established one, there are lessons here that will improve your relationships, accelerate your success and make your board members’ jobs much more fulfilling.

The article entitled “Problem Boards or Board Problem?” was written a number of years ago but, its message is still valid today. [Check title of this article. Not clear what it should be]

Please see the AGIF Courses Library (free and premium) for more insights about Board development.


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