Sample DaDa Sushi Newsletter

DaDa Sushi Restaurant

DaDa Sushi has 8 base rolls and dishes which you can enjoy by themselves’, or you can add any one or two of 6 fish toppings (a little extra), 8 different vegetable toppings (free w/ any fish topping) , and 6 distinct sauces to create your very own masterpiece Sushi Roll.

If that’s too much, let Chefs Jae or Jay (not a typo) create one of our 10 Signature Rolls for You.


Fresh Fish

We pride ourselves in picking out the freshest and most quality cuts of fish for your dining experience. Read more...

Award Winning Sake

We have picked out some of the finest award winning sake to add to your dining pleasure. Read more...


Good Fortune Cat

Come in and meet the Good Fortune Cat.

Dog Friendly Patio

Bring your favorite dog and dine on our dog friendly patio.


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