Digital Marketing: 5 Success Tips

Welcome to the digital world of marketing. If you’re not participating in it fully, you’re not maximizing your nonprofit’s potential.

Digital marketing will enable your nonprofit to reach more people, more efficiently with more effective messaging. This will result in generating more supporters and raising more money at less cost.

Before you can help anyone, you must have adequate funding and before you attempt to raise money, you must have a plan. To be effective, your plan must have clear objectives, detailed solutions to solving problems and specific metrics so you, your organization and your donors know your plan is working.

To increase your chances of being successful, follow these five tips:

  1. Define your digital goals using the SMART Method. This means they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.
  2. Know your audience. What are their desires and concerns? Do your research and make sure you engage your audience.
  3. Refine your message. Keep it simple and constantly communicate with your audience.
  4. Create and distribute your content. This could be in the form of an e-mail campaign; podcast; or, our favorite, a newsletter that reflects your organization’s unique style.
  5. Make sure to track, measure and refine your efforts. No campaign is perfect and every campaign can be improved. You’ll find that even small changes can lead to improved success.

You can employ a number of digital strategies. Begin with content marketing that’s Clear, Clean, Consistent, Relevant and User Friendly.

Use a CRM (this stands for Customer Relationship Management) system, which is how your organization manages interactions with your audience. For nonprofits, we like to think of this as a DRM or Donor Relationship Management system but the principles are still the same.

Email marketing can be a great way to generate leads and keep your audience up-to-date.

Digital ads can be effective in building awareness, so get familiar with social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

Webinars can be effective to connect with your audience and educate them about the work you do and why you do it.

Your website is the central source for all you do, so make sure it’s aligned with your marketing message, easy for your donors to navigate and use, and is search engine optimized.

Print newsletters can be effective but they are expensive to distribute, so consider using the newer format of a digital newsletter. Not only will you save money but you’ll be able to deliver in a more-timely manner when your content is fresh and more likely to be read.

Next, be sure to incorporate video wherever possible. Video has proven to be the most effective medium to engage your audience and move them to take action. Video can be prohibitively expensive but there are now sources that provide high quality video at very reasonable prices. [ For more information, please see: ].

Our last suggestion is probably the most important. To magnify your success no matter which strategy you choose, find partners that will support you. Join a Community of businesses, organizations and individuals who will work collaboratively to help and support each other.

For a more detailed explanation, start by reading How to Succeed at Digital Marketing as a Nonprofit.”

Here you’ll learn the tools and techniques you’ll need to effectively manage your nonprofit. The world is officially digital. Learn it, use it, embrace it. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever accomplished anything using the old analog tools.

Please consult the AGIF Courses Library (free and premium) for more Marketing tips and methods.


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