Financial Opportunity

We’re building a “collaborative community” of local business owners so it’s only logical that we would seek a small (maximum 20) group to collaborate with us so we could all benefit from this opportunity.

Since most of the developmental work has already been completed, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand our business model… helping America’s 25 million small businesses become more successful by collaborating together as a Community. TCBC enable small businesses to easily incorporate video technologies into their programs at prices they can easily afford.

Our company offers high-quality videos and video-enhanced newsletters at very affordable prices. Many of our programs are FREE and you can’t get more affordable than that. Further, combined with our unique marketing program, these local businesses can use Community support to leverage the number of new customers they reach by a factor of 24… at no additional expense.

We created what we believe to be the almost perfect business model

  • A huge and easy to reach market.
  • Prospects who understand the value of video but couldn’t until now, afford it.
  • Products that have been thoroughly field tested and consistently proven to be the most effective.
  • A built-in infrastructure that makes it easy and inexpensive to create viral marketing distribution.
  • Clients, acting in their own strategic interest, who will gladly promote our business.
  • A huge market to which we can easily market other products and services, at zero marketing expense to us.

Total amount we seek $100,000

Fundraising Method
Gross Profit Participation Royalty Program

Maximum number of Gross Profit Participants 20

  • Minimum Investment:     $  5,000
  • Maximum Investment:    $10,000

Repayment Amount

  • $5,000 Investors will receive $10,000 (100% Profit)
  • $10,000 Investors will receive $30,000 (200% Profit)

Gross Profit Participation Program
Since this is more than adequate funding to launch and sustain the company we will easily be able to make proportionate payments to all investors from 25% of our Gross Profits until the full amount is paid.

Time of Repayment
There is no fixed time. Payment will be made each month from 25% of Gross Profits from all programs.

Risk Factor Assessment
Most successful investments require a company to be profitable before investors see any cash. Oftentimes, this could take years and the longer it takes, the greater the risk.

Gross Profit Royalties only depend on sales, not profits, for investors to receive cash payments, thus reducing the risk and time for investors to be fully paid.

Why We Seek Lenders, Not Shareholders

In today’s investment environment, the typical raise for a company could be well in excess of several million dollars and the typical waiting period to reach a liquidity event for investors could be close to ten years.

TCBC is looking to raise only $100,000 and most investors would prefer to see an above average return in less than two years instead of one that may take as long as a decade. Therefore, we constructed a very simple, low risk, yet (what we believe) is a pretty good return with a very quick liquidity event.

Here’s how the program works

Each investor (Gross Profit Participant) invests a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $10,000. We hire a few more people, expand our office in the Philippines, buy some hardware and software and launch our marketing program that primarily targets groups, organizations and companies with which we already have an affiliation.

We then sell a product with which they are familiar, at a quality level they can readily see, at a price they can afford, designed to generate results they can easily measure.


Note: All programs are additive, making a more rapid return to investors more likely.

Total Investment

Expected Total Return to Investors (50/50 Investment Ratio)

Minimum Sales Needed for Full Payment at 25% Royalty

Bonus to Investors
Investors as a group, will share pro rata in 10% equity should the Company be acquired or go public.

If plans are not in place for either of the above within two years, $5,000 investors will receive an additional 100% cash return and $10,000 investors will receive an additional 150% return based on their original investment.


NOTE: The Company does not have to be profitable for investors to receive 100% of their money back plus Royalty

Above does not include referrals, additional products and advertising income.

Interested parties should call Franklin Wolfson, CEO at 310 745-7513 and ask for a copy of the investment documents.

NOTE: This is a limited opportunity and not all interested parties will qualify.