How to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit

Every nonprofit needs at least one key person who’s effective in fundraising. But what if your nonprofit could train everyone to be effective in fundraising? Can you imagine how successful you could be?

Fundraising is a special skill but it’s a skill that everyone can learn. One of the most important techniques to learn is to target your fundraising sources. But you still can assign specific people to fundraise simultaneously from specific sources such as grants, corporate donations, angel donors, events or wealthy donors.

So where do you begin? We suggest you start by thinking like the people who are going to support you. First, realize they are as passionate about your cause as you are. Therefore, you must constantly communicate with them. Prove to them that your goals and theirs are perfectly aligned and your organization is best suited to achieve those goals. When you convince them of that, their minds will be open to your appeal and their wallets will follow.

Realize that fundraising is a process. You must continually give prospective donors evidence that you understand the problems you are attempting to solve and you have practical solutions to solve them. Communicate your successes and let your donors know you are a good steward of their money.

Make sure they know you consider them a “partner” in your cause. Never take them for granted and always show your appreciation.

Be sure to cultivate your relationships. Young, small donors can become reliable long-term donors and some will eventually become major donors. The problem is you just don’t know in the beginning who they will be so be sure to treat everyone with respect and appreciation.

Use multiple sources to develop your donor base. Different approaches will work differently based on a number of outside factors so evaluate all your options and don’t be afraid to get creative. What works wonders for one organization may be a total bust for another. Each organization is different and each situation is unique.  

For additional fundraising tips, we suggest you read “How to Raise Funds for A New Nonprofit.”

Once you start everyone thinking like a fundraiser, you’ll be surprised how much more easily you can raise more money and how many more people you’ll be able to serve.

Please consult the AGIF Courses Library (free and premium) for many additional Fundraising ideas and methods.


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