How Your Directory Listing Benefits You

This year has brought each of us enormous changes on every level. We have had to shift our lives, our expectations and our realities in ways we could have never imagined. We have now fully entered into an era of near complete dependance on technology. We must use it for work, for school, for our ultra-safe social interactions, and technology has now become the essential tool to navigate through this new “normal”.

Maintaining relevancy online is fundamental for the success of any nonprofit now. And it is imperative that you be found in order to be seen. The AGIF Directory is a phenomenal place for you to list your organization to improve your search-ability ranking. Listing in our Directory will direct more web traffic to your page(s), since multiple listings improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword rankings by which searchers find you.

And your online visibility will improve your connectivity with Supporters and Donors. The AGIF Directory provides you a place to amplify your presence and get seen and heard! If you are not yet a member with the AGIF, visit our website and let’s get you signed up, listed and SEEN!!!

The AGIF provides many ways to attract donors, increase awareness of your mission, gain funding, and strengthen your operations. Please survey our support services such as unlimited event streaming platforms; financial management tools, fundraising tools, and 120+ carefully cultivated courses, many of which are free; funding opportunities; and more on our website.


Another Additional Funding Opportunity 

The Collaborative Business Community (TCBC)

As part of our Foundation’s service to the nonprofit community, we are always searching for ways to provide our members the tools and services that will result in increasing their membership, generating more revenue, reducing their costs and creating greater awareness of their organization and the benefits they provide.

This is why I’m excited to introduce our newest affiliate, The Collaborative Business Community. Although this is primarily an organization of local businesses, a key part of their mission is to support nonprofits by providing the tools and services they need to achieve their goals; giving donations; and offering a new, reliable and growing source of revenue that could last indefinitely.

Many of their services are either FREE or extremely low cost compared to the products and services you’re probably already buying. Some of their FREE services include:

FREE Membership

FREE Promotional Video about your organization

FREE listing in their Community Directory, another way to increase your SEO

FREE Video-enhanced Newsletter for your organization

FREE Marketing Program to grow your membership.

And as a bonus, you’ll also be able to receive revenue from people who are not your members and may be totally unaware of your organization.

If you like our newsletter and the quality of the videos, just imagine you can have your very own video-enhanced
newsletter at zero cost.

If you’re interested in getting all these benefits, check out the services on this site and learn more about the power of Collaboration and how it can benefit you… Remember, most of their services are FREE so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

This is a guest post by Philip Auerbach, founder of the AGIF Directory. Find out more about what AGIF does for nonprofits on their site:


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