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What’s a Concierge and Why Do You Need One?

Before Covid 19 the American economy was growing quite rapidly supposedly because we became a “service-based” economy. So, please tell me why every time I go shopping, the only service I now find growing is “self-service.”

Years ago, when you got gas for your car, an attendant filled your tank, washed your windows, checked the air in your tires and took your money and returned with change. You never got dirty because you never left your vehicle.

Every restaurant had waiters who took your order after you sat down and then brought you your meal, took your payment to the cashier and brought you change. You never waited on line to give your order and then on line to pay the cashier.

Supermarkets packed your groceries and if you were a woman or elderly, your packer offered to take them to your car.

Today, things are very different. Full service has morphed into semi-service which morphed into self service and surely with retail stores like Amazon Go Grocery, we’ll shortly be entering the era of “no service.”

Many online companies are no better when it comes to servicing their Clients. I’m sure you’ve had the same miserable experience I’ve had.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do better, much better. Even though many of our products are FREE or very low cost, we want to serve our Community as best we can. So, whenever you have a problem, simply fill out the Concierge Form and within 24 hours, we’ll have a friendly helpful Concierge get back to you so you can speak to a real live person who will be anxious to solve your problem in just one call.

And that’s what a Concierge does and why you need a one

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