Constant communication is the best way to build and maintain relationships with your customers

  • Paid services and subscriptions without advertising or,
  • Free services and subscriptions with advertising.
  • And yes, there are hybrid versions of reduced cost with some advertising support.

Question: So how does a small independent business, with a limited promotional budget, breakthrough all the clutter in order to build its reputation or sell its products?

Answer: Be more creative in presenting your content. Be more innovative in delivering your message and, be more efficient in how you spend those limited promotional dollars so you get the biggest return on your promotional investment.

In other words, you need a video enhanced newsletter. Take a look at these three examples and let us know if you agree. If you do, our team will work with your team to create a custom newsletter for your company or organization that will generate higher results at lower cost.

This program is based on TCBCs “5 Cs”

Convert prospects to customers

Convince customers to shop more often and make bigger purchases

Create greater customer loyalty and

Convert your customers to active ambassadors who will gladly promote your brand or company on social and business media

Yes, that’s only 4 Cs. The fifth C is:

Call us at 949 371-8246 and make your business a

Collaborative Business by making your marketing investment a

Cost- Effective investment.

OK, that’s six Cs. That just proves with TCBC you always get more than you expected.

And here’s a special bonus TCBC offers that no one else does.
We’ll offer your clients a Video Newsletter to send to their customers absolutely FREE, courtesy of your company… at zero cost to you.

It will be the gift that keeps on giving and keeps your company at a high level of awareness so the next time they’re thinking of placing an order, you’ll have a better chance, they’ll place that order with you.

Join The Collaborative Business Community and let us help make your business a more successful business.