What if I told you that you are already familiar with this miraculous tool and you may even be using it but, if you are, you’re probably not using it to its maximum effectiveness and therefore not getting the maximum benefit to which you’re entitled.

Would you be interested in learning how just a few simple changes could increase your newsletter’s effectiveness by a factor of 24 times? And likely, generate a 24 times greater financial benefit to your business?… at no additional cost to you.

NOTE: Everyone who said yes, please keep reading. Everyone who said no, stop reading immediately and call your bankruptcy attorney to protect whatever assets you may have left.

And, what if I told you generating a greater financial benefit wouldn’t cost you any more money than you’re currently paying and in fact, may even cost you less.

Would you be willing to at least try it to see if it works?

Oh, and did I mention there’s no long-term contracts or agreements?

This miracle tool is your very own company newsletter… but, with a new twist.

Company newsletters have been around ever since the development of e-mail so you may think they pale in comparison to newer “shinier” technologies. You might even question their effectiveness because of your own experience. If so, we’ll bet you’re confusing the concept with its execution.

In fact, a 2014 McKinsey study found that email was 40 times more effective at generating new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Maybe your disappointing results are the result of producing a disappointing newsletter.

In the next 9 minutes I’m going to give you 9 tips that will convert your stodgy old newsletter into a modern “video-based” one that will generate stellar results…and it’s guaranteed to work for any business, selling any product, to any demographic, at any time of the year.

So, if you’re already mailing a company newsletter and it’s lost most of its luster, we’re going to show you how easy it is to tune it up, revitalize interest in reading it and make it the most cost effective and highest results producing tool at your command.

When done correctly, your company newsletter can be the perfect medium for enhancing all your marketing campaigns.

So, let’s review some ideas that will engage your readers, build your reputation, grow your customer base and increase your sales. This list is only a guide. It is not finite and each company should seek to develop its own unique style to present content that is relevant to your readers by giving them real solutions to real problems, offers that will save them money, ideas that will improve their lives and ways for them to get involved and engaged to bring about beneficial change to the Community or Communities to which they belong.

So, if you’re like most business people, what’s your first order of business? My guess is that you open your e-mail. In fact, the average business person is much more likely to review his/her inbox than to check their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. By no means are we dismissing the importance of social or business media, and we have tools to make those media more effective as well but, a newsletter delivered by e-mail is more likely to attract your customers’ attention and hold it for a longer period of time than any other medium.