The Sweetest Way to Increase Revenues and Profits

How to Sell More Desserts

1. Know Your Product

It’s funny how most wait staff can recite the ingredients and preparation of the main course but not of the desserts. A little training in this area will go a long way. Plus, some desserts may include allergens, such as nuts, dairy products and gluten. Therefore, knowledge of the dessert’s ingredients crucial to your customers’ safety.

2. Make Suggestions

Train servers to ask for dessert orders. They should tell a story like how one customer loved the chocolate fudge cake so much she came back the following night just for dessert. She lived ten miles away. The implied testimonial helps close the deal. When your wait staff consistently discusses how great your desserts are to every patron, the average check will increase and so will the tips.

3. Desserts are the Fun Part of the Meal

Your wait staff should always be positive when discussing desserts. “Last night I had the cheesecake, it was simply to die for but, most people love our chocolate fudge cake with our slow churned vanilla ice cream! Those are my two favorites but all are really great. Which one should I bring you?”

4. Visual Presentation

Nothing sells desserts better than seeing them being brought to other tables. Train your wait staff to show the desserts to diners and not just tell them about it. That way you’re presenting the desserts to adjacent tables and getting them to think about ordering dessert even before the meal is over. The best way to do this is with a dessert tray or cart that servers parade through your dining room.

Most people want to order dessert but feel guilty about those extra calories so give them a little push by showing by showing the desserts and then saying, “I can bring extra forks if you want to share.”