Food Safety – An Opportunity to Show Your Customers How Much You Care

While much of this fear may be unwarranted, it will still affect people’s willingness to go to places where large numbers of strangers congregate such as airports and train stations, trade shows, sporting events, entertainment venues and yes, restaurants.

Further, if just one restaurant is blamed for a single transmission of the disease, the press will be all over the story and that one incident could turn into a constant barrage of “news” items warning people to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

Blueaire is doing everything possible to make sure your restaurant isn’t the one where an incident like that happens. Our engineers put as much thought into building products that are as easy to clean and sanitize as they are useful in preparing and storing food. For example, take ice machines, the one product that has the lowest reputation for maintaining the highest sanitary standards.

In contrast, Blueair’s ice machines are fast and easy to clean so your staff can clean them better and more frequently thus helping ensure your customers are protected along with your reputation.

One serious illness will not just diminish your reputation, it could put your restaurant out of business. Because of the seriousness of this problem, now would be a good time to check out our video to see how to protect your customers, your reputation, your restaurant and your life savings.

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