Community Building

Please send in your suggestions to help all of us create a Community you will be proud to be part. To help start the work on building our foundation, The Collaborative Business Community will offer ten $5,000 Gift Certificates to Community Builders who contribute the best suggestions for each category listed below.

In addition, we’re going to let all Community Members vote for the top three suggestions and the winners will be given cash prizes worth $25,000, $15,000 and $10,000.

That’s a total of $100,000 that The Collaborative Business Community will be gifting to Community Members so you know we’re serious about building the most beneficial Independent Business Owner community in the world

Here’s some suggested categories to get you started

  • Principles on which the Community should be built on
  • Attracting the Community’s Founding Members
  • Products and services the Community should offer its members
  • Innovative ideas to grow the Community’s membership
  • New products, programs and technologies of interest
  • Establishing a library of FREE materials such as legal forms and documents
  • Publishing a directory of trusted suppliers with a list of attributes that make them trustworthy
  • Recommended apps and software
  • Member-to-Member direct connect
  • Team Building with each Member having a special niche