Nicodrops follows the Mayo Clinic, Rosewell Park Cancer Treatment Center and Brown Medical School on their R&D and Clinical studies. These institutions support claims that St. John’s Wort can be highly effective in helping people to quit smoking cigarettes. St.John’s Wort is a primary ingredient in Nicodrops. Our Patent Pending Trade Secret/IP aims to be a unique first of an artificial nicotine substitute that mimics the effects of nicotine addiction.

How it works

Nicodrops is an herbal lozenge formulated naturally to help you quit smoking. When your urge to smoke strikes, choose a Nicodrops lozenge instead and let the calming herbs work their magic to curb your craving and help you kick the habit!

30 day program(6 boxes, 120 ct). Stop Smoking. Money back guarantee.
No questions asked.

  • 6 pack of Nicodrops boxes
  • (120) 4.5 gram lozenges
  • 30 day program stop smoking.
  • Money bank guarantee. No questions asked.
  • Adults over 18 years old should take 1 lozenge 4-6 times per day.