The Simplest, Easiest and Most Lucrative
Nonprofit Fundraising Program You Never Heard of


TCBC Is Getting Ready to Launch One of the Largest Fundraising Programs for Schools, Churches and Other Nonprofit Organizations That Support Veterans, First Responders and the Disabled
If your organization isn’t generating the funds it needs or, is spending too much time and effort on programs that don’t work as well as they used to… you’re going to love what we created.

Our program has the potential to generate more money, from more people, more frequently at virtually no cost and less work on your part. The following will explain how simple it is to get started and how your organization will automatically benefit year after year with no additional effort or cost.

A Simple Two Step Plan – A Totally New Way to Increase Donations
First, we help build and expand your donor list. Second, we show your donors how they can save money on products they are already buying. Then, every time they shop, your organization automatically receives a donation. Your supporters don’t have to remember to make a donation because we make it for them.

Plus, we’ll create a brand-new source of donations from people you don’t know, who are not members or supporters of your organization and may not even know your organization exists. And yet, this group could generate more money for your organization than all your current members combined.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Forced Many Americans to Change Their Behavior
Two things we learned from the pandemic. First, because the economy suffered, more people are in need of help but, fewer people have the money to help. Second, Americans for the first time, adopted the habit of wearing masks on a regular basis and are more likely to do so again when the next crisis hits.

What Would You Say If We Told You We Could Double or Triple Your Donations Without Costing You Any Money or Effort?
Based on the above, TCBC created a program that helps nonprofits build their donor list and generate donations in the near term while laying the foundation for greatly expanding that donor list and building a donation “machine” that can grow monthly and last indefinitely.

Vigilance Is Still Required
Now that we’ve all experienced what it’s like to live through a pandemic, we will be better prepared to survive and thrive through the next one and, make no mistake, there will be a next one.

Time to Prepare and Time to Give Help Others
The Collaborative Business Community is a business committed to the safety of all Americans and a source of funding to help worthy nonprofit groups such as veterans, first responders, schools, churches and the disabled among many others. Any worthy organization, regardless of size, is welcome to apply.

The Best Way to Get Started
Because so much time, money and effort were devoted to stopping Covid 19, many Americans were forced to change their normal behaviors with respect to working, socializing, shopping, schooling and just about every other activity where people came into contact with each other.

We were forced to abandon all our favorite entertainment events such as concerts, movie theaters, sporting events, and even getting together with friends at bars and restaurants. We adopted more frequent hand washing, social distancing, mask wearing and avoided all mass transportation where possible.

Now It’s Time to Give Back to the Community and TCBC Is Committed to Doing Its Share

Here’s How Easy It Is to Protect Your Family and Help A Worthy Organizations in Your Community at the Same Time

  • Join The Collaborative Business Community (FREE)
  • Enter your business or organization in the Community Directory so we can promote your business, organization or practice (FREE)
  • Order just one box of 2-Dozen Designer Mask packages to sell to your customers or patients
  • Receive one package of three masks for yourself or family (FREE a $45.50 value)

The Collaborative Business Community then makes a donation to the designated nonprofit of $120 for every box sold. Yes, it’s that simple.

A mask like no other

All our masks are designed to provide the highest level of anti-microbial protection, be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, are highly breathability, washable and reusable and, because they are designer masks, they make you look fashionable, whether you’re a man, woman or child, no matter what type of outfit you are wearing be it casual or dressy.

Support a Worthy Nonprofit That Supports Your Community
Our high-quality masks were designed to retail for $22.75 each but, we’re making this special offer, Buy two and get one FREE. Plus, for every package sold, we donate $5.00 to a nonprofit organization.

Don’t Be Boring, Be Fashionable
Check out our current designs below but remember, we are constantly introducing new designs nas these limited quantities should sell out quickly.

Click image to go to Designer Mask page


Buying a package of masks to help a worthy nonprofit is only one very small part of our program. Step Two is where the customer and the nonprofit really benefit. In the near future, The Collaborative Bussines Community will be the only company offering this benefit.

Here’s How the Program Will Work and How Everyone Benefits
We are in the process of building the TCBC ULTRAstore. Here is where Members can buy tens of thousands of products at really steep discounts. Then every time Members make a purchase, we send the nonprofit organization a donation and the company that generated the Member a commission. All Members have to do is enjoy the savings, we handle all the donations and send your company an e-mail confirmation.

But, like we said in the opening paragraph, this program was created to be one of the largest fundraising programs ever! Every time Members make a purchase in the ULTRAstore, we send the nonprofit a donation and pay the company that generated the Member a commission purchase after purchase, month after month, year after year, forever! Not only that but when Members refer other Members and those Members refer other Members, we send the nonprofit a donation on their purchases and your company a commission, forever. Today with friends referring friends on social media, you can easily see how large these donations and commissions can become and grow year after year as more referred Members join our Community.

Don’t Procrastinate
If you represent a nonprofit organization, join the Community and start the process of getting automatic donations. If you have a business that wants to support a nonprofit, join the Community, help support the nonprofit and, as our way of thanking you for helping, we’ll pay you a commission on all those Members’ purchases forever… yes, forever.

Click here to join the Community and start helping your nonprofit raise more money than you ever thought possible

Why Incredible Masks by Carlton Bruett Are Superior to Other Masks

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, Carlton believes each of us is unique and specific features or benefits of wearing a mask weigh more importantly for some people than others. Therefore, when you examine all the features and benefits we offer, we believe you’ll be able to make an informed choice that favors the Incredible Mask by Carlton Bruett.

Carlton is a designer who believes in a philosophy to which all his masks must adhere. In fact, he feels so strongly about this philosophy, he insisted we print it on each package.

Review our Comparison Chart so you can easily compare our masks against any other mask you may be considering.

Next, and perhaps most important, Carlton and his team all believe in giving back to the community. For every package sold, a donation will be made to a worthy charity. So, if you believe veterans, first responders, schools, churches individuals with special needs and unique body types should be supported, you’ll be happy to know we donate a portion of every sale to a worthy charity that supports these groups.

Some other companies may do that as well and we support their commitment. But, here’s something that no other company can do that will raise more money, for a longer period of time than any other program you can imagine. Further, it is guaranteed to save buyers more money than the cost of the masks so it’s like getting the Incredible Masks for FREE. Or, should I say more than FREE because these savings apply not to just masks but, tens of thousands of products you buy every month.


The TCBC ULTRAstore will be one of the most powerful marketing tools for generating large donations to nonprofits. TCBC will be the only company offering a long-term fundraising program that goes beyond the amount provided with each purchase. It is guaranteed to save buyers more money than the cost of the masks so it’s like getting the Incredible Masks for FREE. Or, should we say more than FREE because these savings apply not to just masks but, tens of thousands of products you buy every month.

If you want one of the most effective masks you can buy, save the most money every time you shop and help a worthy nonprofit in the process, you should subscribe to the TCBC ULTRAstore which we will be launching in the next few months.

To register/subscribe, please share with us your e mail address and we’ll notify you as soon as the ULTRAstore is up and running. The sooner you start shopping the sooner you’ll start saving and helping the community.

* TCBC’s ULTRAstore sounds great and I love your commitment to donating a portion of your sales to worthy organizations. Please notify me when the ULTRAstore is open for business and don’t forget to send me my 33.3% $150 Savings Card.