9 Piece Pool Maintenance Kit



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1.9 Piece Pool Maintenance Kit


This multi-functional pool maintenance kit is indispensable for keeping your pool clean.

This pool cleaning kit is made of durable and corrosion-proof materials. Meanwhile, a large shaped white ABS weighted vacuum with protective vinyl bumper and side brushes is easy for clean. Thanks to the removable and reusable debris and leaf collection bag, the skimmer can pick up even the smallest debris. The economy thermometer is designed for pool owners who wish not to have a thermometer floating or hanging in the pool on a full time bases. The scoop design enables you to take a water sample to read water temperatures. Thermometer has an eyelet for fastening the cord and temperature gradient in Fahrenheit and Celsius for easy temperature readings. The wall and scrub brush will boost fast work when removing stains and algae from pool walls and floors. Thanks to the adjustable aluminium pole, it provides you the means of changing the pole’s height according to your needs.

Delivery includes 1 vacuum, 1 skimmer, 1 wall brush, 1 scrub brush, 1 aluminium pole, 1 polymer replacement handle, 1 thermometer, 1 test strip and 1 white hose.

Material: ABS
With a white hose
Hose diameter: 0.15"
Hose length: 295.3"
Aluminum pole height adjustable from 47.2" to 141.7"
Large shaped weighted vacuum with protective vinyl bumper and side brushes
Removable and reusable debris and leaf collection bag
For use with all above ground pools except steel wall pools
Delivery included:
1 x Vacuum
1 x Skimmer
1 x Wall brush
1 x Scrub brush
1 x Aluminum pole
1 x Polymer replacement handle
1 x Thermometer
1 x Test strip
1 x White hose

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Weight 16.61 lbs