Compressor Cooling DC Portable Freezer for Car



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1.Large capacity and multi-purpose: This refrigerator has a maximum capacity of 50 liters and can accommodate a large amount of food and drinks. It is also possible to select a suitable temperature for the constant temperature of cosmetics or medicines. You can use it at home, camping for fishing or riding a car.
2.Shockproof design: The car refrigerator can withstand harsh environments. Even if the road is rough, the machine will be in good condition. It can operate normally on a slope with an angle of 30 degrees.
3.Quick Cooling: Compressor cooling technology, this car freezer can achieve 30 minutes of rapid cooling from 80 ° F to 0 ° F. You can also choose ECO mode for energy saving or MAX mode for quick cooling, or middle gear. A total of three refrigeration gears can be adjusted.
4.Battery Protection: Battery protection is divided into 3 levels: low, medium and high. This design can meet your different needs and protect your vehicle battery well.
5.Liquid crystal display: With liquid crystal display and digital temperature adjustment. It is convenient to adjust the temperature and mode. This operation is easy, and you can quickly learn how to use it. You Can also control it by App.


1. Model No: FTA 30L
2. Temperature Range:+10 ºC~-18ºC
3. Voltage: Dc12/24V
4. Power Consumption:45W
5. Compressor: Asbeila
6. Work at 30 degrees ramp
7. Keep the temperature below zero for more than one day (after reaching 18ºC)
8. Operating noise is less than 45 decibels
9. Low power consumption. The equivalent of a GPS.
10. Car battery low voltage protection
11. External fuse for easy replacement

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Weight 37.48 lbs
Dimensions 24.02 × 14.97 × 17.33 in