The Beach Sports
Grill & Bar

The Beach Sports Grill & Bar is the Inland Empires premier family friendly restaurant and sports bar. Located in Riverside, California on Limonite Avenue right next door to the Jurupa 14 Cinemas. Our dining area is large and spacious, featuring a dozen plasma televisions so you can enjoy several sporting events at the same time. Our menu appeals to a wide variety of pallets and our serving sizes are more than generous.


We also keep a nice selection of vintage wines to accent your dining experience. Our bar is stocked with some of the finest spirits and brews to help you have the most enjoyable cocktails in Southern California.



We are one of the few restaurants in the Inland Empire that serves USDA Prime Beef and the loaded bloody mary.

Steak lovers will savor USDA Prime Cuts of beef grilled to your liking, while vegetarians will enjoy robust salads and fresh vegetables plus a wide variety of other tasty dishes.

Our entrées are carefully prepared to satisfy the most discerning of palates.


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