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What if I told you there was a very powerful tool that you could easily incorporate into your business that, if used properly, could generate more customers, increase their loyalty, get them to shop more often and spend more money and then happily recommend your business to their friends.

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1. Content

Today’s readers demand content that is presented with clean, crisp imagery, that is relevant to their lives and presented in an engaging manner. Make sure your design is mobile-friendly and has, in multiple places a clear “Call to Action” based on your company’s stated goals or objectives.

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2. Use Animated Gifs on your online articles to attract greater attention

Animating an article grabs your readers’ attention as they scroll down the newsletter searching to quickly find a section that is relevant to them.

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3. In everything you do, you’re either building or diminishing your reputation

Always remember that every customer contact and interaction is another opportunity to build or diminish your company’s reputation. Done properly, each interaction can be another building block that establishes a bond between you and a prospect or a fortification between you and your customers.

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4. Prioritize information and edit anything that’s not necessary

During the year you may have months where there’s not much news that’s interesting or exciting. When that occurs, simply shorten your newsletter. A short newsletter with a few important articles will have much greater impact than one that is filled with useless of boring information that just wastes the readers’ time.

5. Always employ a “mobile first” strategy

I love working on my 27” iMac with its 5K screen. It’s great for working on large Excel spreadsheets and creating content. However, most of the rest of the world doesn’t work the way I do and for any company to succeed, it has to deliver content in the format that its readers want to receive it.  Did you know that 55% of emails are opened on smartphones and other mobile devices? If you’re not preparing your content to be viewed on mobile devices, you’re wasting time and resources preparing content that won’t be read at all.

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7. Develop a customer-centric attitude

Independent Business Owners don’t have to be digital marketing geniuses to develop an engaging and effective newsletter. Often times a simple, straightforward discussion highlighting why your brand is unique and how your company is committed to providing the best products and how your staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service just may be all you need to be the standout company in your market niche.

6. Your content has to be informative, interesting or funny… it doesn’t have to be 100% original

It’s perfectly acceptable to use or reference outside articles you think your readers will find worthwhile. As a side benefit, the right content can increase engagement and trust even if it’s not original.

8. There’s a difference between being a braggart and being informative

OK, we admit it’s a fine line and you have to be careful not to cross it. No one likes a braggart, but everyone needs to know what sets your company apart and why they should do business with you and not one of your competitors.

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9. The solution is simple, fast, inexpensive and effective

There are many things you can do immediately. Some take time, some are controversial, some are expensive and many aren’t guaranteed to benefit your business but, here are three things you can do that take little time, won’t cause you any aggravation, are inexpensive and are proven effective.

  • Produce meaningful content
  • Prepare it for mobile devices and
  • Use video and animation to capture the attention of your readers

Please drop us a line and let us know if these tips were helpful. And when you’re ready to move up to a video newsletter, give us a call and let us help you deliver your message in a format that’s sure to have a higher readership and result in more customers buying more products, more often and recommending your business to their friends and associates than you thought possible.

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We invite all Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who believe that when we support each other, we each grow faster, serve our clients better, reduce our expenses and achieve greater prosperity for all.

Community Building

At The Collaborative Business Community, we’re building a Community of like-minded Independent Business Owners who are anxious,  willing and happy to reach out to others in order to help them solve their problems and confident, trusting and assured they will get the help they need when they have a problem. The Collaborative Business Community will completely underwrite the administrative cost of this Community. Your “dues” will simply be your commitment to be a “pillar of the Community” and to adhere to its principles.

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Community Forum

Do you have a question you don’t know the answer to, or have a problem that seems unsolvable? If so, you can submit it to our Community 9-1-1 for help. Chances are that several “citizens” will have had similar experiences and will be happy to help you resolve your problems.

This Month’s Problem

A moderately successful retailer selling custom-made clothing for “big & tall” customers wants to expand his business. He comes up with the idea of marketing to people at health clubs and gyms and wants to hire you to develop a social media campaign.

Is his idea valid? If so, what would you recommend he do? How much should he spend to do test the concept? What is your recommendation?

The business owner who submits the best answer, as determined by our panel, will be awarded a $1,000 gift certificate. The winning response will be published in next month’s newsletter and then the Community can voice their comments. The Community Member who submits the most inciteful comment will also be awarded a $1,000 gift certificate.

This Month’s Weirdest, Wildest or Wackiest Client, Project or Situation

Admit it. We all love hearing strange stories. Well, now it’s time to tell yours. Tell us about the weirdest, wildest, wackiest experience you ever had with a supplier or customer. Each month we’ll publish what we think is the weirdest of the weird, the wildest of the wild or the wackiest of the wacky… Oh yeah, that business owner will also get a $1,000 gift certificate. All submissions must be true and verifiable.

Last but not least, in this spirit of cooperation and team building, here are the businesses I confidently recommend.

My personal recommendations

If you’re looking for other professionals for yourself, your family, your business or organizations you support, here’s some I personally recommend. Why? Because I know every one of them so I can vouch for their character and integrity and I use them in my business and personal life so I can attest to their competence, dedication to solving your problems and fairness in pricing.

And a special note to my fellow entrepreneurs and business owners

If you appreciate the increased value this video newsletter offers and want to develop one that will influence your prospects to become shoppers, shoppers to become loyal customers and loyal shoppers to become ambassadors that gladly recommend your business to their friends and associates, you should immediately contact one of our knowledgeable Community Managers.

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