Our Services

We provide information, products, services and programs to help your business be a more successful business.

The Community provides the products and services you need, at a price you can afford then leverages those benefits with your fellow Community members to achieve extraordinary results. As Community membership increases, so do the number of people and businesses that will support you… at zero additional cost. Therefore, the larger the Community, the more valuable it is to its members.

(Plus, our Community doesn’t charge fees for membership, collect taxes, levy fines, or impose unreasonable regulations on members… even parking is FREE.)

Video Marketing

Video marketing is without question, the most effective medium for generating higher open rates, converting prospects to customers, increasing sales and profits and inspiring your customers to refer friends and associates. The problem with video for local businesses is its extremely high cost. As a Community member, cost is no longer a problem.

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Video-Enhanced Newsletters

A newsletter is one of the simplest, easiest and least expensive way to communicate with your customers to ensure they remain your customers. Newsletters can provide timely and useful information about the company, its management and activities that helps build trust and trust is the foundation for building a lasting relationship with customers. A video-enhanced newsletter does that more effectively and now, through the Community, it can do it 24 times more efficiently.

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Unbeatable Pricing

The Community’s focus is on serving local businesses so you already know our pricing has to be low but, did you also know… how high our quality is? And, if offering a high quality product at a low price is not sufficient, we can also professionally manage your entire campaign for less than you can hire a minimum wage, high school drop out. Plus, we offer special incentives to Community Builders by giving them two videos a month… every year, for FREE… for life.

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Community Planning

The growth of our Community, and the level of benefits we can provide to our members is based on the number of businesses in the Community. The larger the Community, the greater the benefits.

We also know that if we fail to build our Community on a strong foundation, a prosperous and growing Community can quickly become stagnant and become just another ”ghost town” along the Internet highway.

The foundational principles we’re building our Community on are: