Video Marketing

What a Video Program Will Do for Your Business

Why a Video Enhanced Newsletter Is the Most Effective Way to Get Your Customers and Prospects to Take Action at the Lowest Cost

In today’s world, we’re all connected 24/7 and that’s a good thing… most of the time but, it also means if you want to enjoy all those benefits, you’re going to have to pay for them… or did you think all those engineers at Google and Facebook work for free?

With so many companies, organizations and even politicians trying to get our attention, it’s no wonder the average person is exposed to thousands of unwanted interruptions (I mean critical information) vying to gain our attention. Read More

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A Short History of Video Marketing

For the last couple of decades, if you wanted to have beautiful and effective video ads, you had to find professionals to create it. This process was expensive and time consuming.

Then, it became possible to create your own videos at much lower cost but, this still took time and you had to have certain skills and either the knowledge or intuition of what would best appeal to your audience.

Today, thanks to The Collaborative Business Community, there is a third alternative that is inexpensive, doesn’t take a lot of your time to create and manage and the result is gorgeous and effective videos professionally created that can easily be included in all your marketing programs… did we mention they’re inexpensive and fully guaranteed!