Video Newsletter

Just because someone bought something from you doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you again in the future.

There’s a big difference in having a customer and having a loyal customer. There’s even a bigger difference in having a loyal customer and having an ambassador for your company and your brand.

Here’s some cold, hard facts. You may not like them but that doesn’t make them any less true.

It costs more to convert a prospect into a customer than it does to get an existing customer to shop more frequently and spend more money.

It takes more time to generate a new customer than to lose an existing customer because you failed to provide the proper service.

If you take your customers for granted, rest assured your competitors won’t.

The single most important thing a business can do is to constantly communicate with their customers. Keep them informed. Keep them satisfied. Keep showing them your appreciation.

The most underused tool a business has to generate new customers and additional sales is its customer base. Smart businesses use creative and innovative ways to motivate their current customers to refer friends and associates.

The most powerful tool a business has to accomplish all these things is the ability to communicate with its customers frequently and meaningfully.

The most cost efficient way to do this is through a company newsletter.

In the past, virtually all company newsletters were printed and that meant they were expensive to produce and deliver. It also meant a newsletter wasn’t truly current because weeks may have passed from the time it was written to the time it was read.

Today, times have also changed and most people are so busy and their inboxes are so full of time-wasting garbage, they now prefer to get their information through a combination of print and video. Video provides the perfect quick introduction to the topic and print gives them a deeper dive into the content they are most interested.

Now, there’s a powerful new medium that is just starting to grow rapidly and those businesses that get in early will make the greatest impression with their current customers and have the most success converting new prospects into loyal customers.

And, here’s a welcome bonus. Not only is this new medium much more effective in generating new customers and creating greater customer loyalty, it’s also more effective in keeping customers longer and getting them to shop more frequently… and, it’s much less expensive than a printed newsletter.

Thanks to online digital delivery, it is now possible to build and reach a much larger customer base, quickly and at a lower cost… and that’s only half the story.

By incorporating video, your message has far greater impact and that will greatly affect your bottom line.

You’ve probably heard that adding video to your marketing efforts is expensive, time consuming and requires hiring people with special skills.

Wrong, wrong and wrong!

TCBC now offers Community Members the ability to have their very own exciting video-enhanced newsletter that you can send to a much larger audience for a lot less than it would cost to send a boring print newsletter to a much smaller audience.

To better understand what a video-enhanced newsletter looks like, please go to:


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Now that you see what a video-enhanced newsletter is, let us demonstrate why it’s such a powerful tool and why being part of the Community can magnify your marketing efforts by a factor of 24 without you spending one additional dime.

At the bottom of every newsletter there is a place for you to recommend 12 businesses that you personally use and 12 of your favorite restaurants.

When you do this, these 24 referrals will be contacted and offered their own newsletter with a reciprocal video ad promoting your business. This is how businesses in the Community collaborate to help each other.

You will now be part of a network of 24 other local newsletters potentially reaching tens of thousands of people, at least once per month, many once per week, recommending your business from a source they know and trust… at zero cost to you.

This is the power of collaboration.