Your Success

Every Successful Business Needs Four Things

1. A Community You Can Depend On

It is impossible for any business to be successful on its own… and your business will not be the exception. You need suppliers, services, affiliates, customers and advisors just to name a few.

Join The Collaborative Business Community (it’s FREE) and begin to collaborate with other Community members willing to help you avoid the mistakes they made, introduce you to trusted advisors, suppliers and services, give you access to special discounts and limited time offers and, work with you to develop cross-marketing and cross promotional programs to get your business greater awareness, more customers, increased sales and do it more effectively at a lower cost.


2. A Customer Database

If you don’t communicate regularly with your customers and prospects be assured, some competitor will. If so, it won’t take long before your profitable business becomes a struggling business.

We’ll help you build a powerful database. All you have to do each week is gather your customers’ business cards, stuff them into a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope and drop it in the mail. We’ll do all the rest.

We’ll scan the cards, build and maintain your list, eliminate duplicates, encrypt all the information to protect your data, and provide easy to use software to monitor and evaluate each campaign’s effectiveness. (We’ll also manage your campaigns if you wish.) The cost is a modest $35 per month but as soon as you reach 1,000 names, we’ll stop billing you for the next five years and after you reach just 2,500 names, we’ll refund every penny you paid us. That’s more than a $2,100 value for FREE.

That’s just another example of Community Power

3. A Social Media / Video Marketing Program

If you’re already using social and business media to promote your business, you already know how effective it is. But, if you’re not using video, you don’t know how much more effective it can be.


Sure video is expensive but the extra expense has proven to generate a lot more customers and a lot more revenue. Now, thanks to The Collaborative Business Community, local business owners can get high-quality video at prices they can easily afford. And, even though your cost may be lower, the results you’ll get will be much higher.

That’s just another example of Community Power


4. Your Own Video-Enhanced Newsletter

Why send your prospects a boring static newsletter when you can send them an exciting, dynamic newsletter they are more likely to read, share and be influenced by to buy your product or service.

If you’re currently using an e-mail or newsletter service, like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, you’re probably paying about $75-$100 per month…and we’ll bet you’re getting your money’s worth and it’s helping your business grow.

But, what if you could have a more effective newsletter for less money…would you be interested?

Now, you can benefit from a unique video enhanced newsletter that not only helps you increase your revenue, but also helps other members of the Community increase theirs. And each of their newsletters helps promote your business as well… at zero cost to you.

Yes, you’ll now be able to reach 24 times as many people, more effectively… at no additional cost to you.

That’s just another example of Community Power